Avcılar Introduced Its Projects at the Fair

Avcılar, which has given İzmir 4 thousand 165 houses and 467 workplaces to date, took part in İzmir International Fair. Avcılar booth in Hall No 2 was flooded with visitors. Avcılar Chairman İdris Avcı said that they expect banks to increase their sales starting with the move to lower mortgage interest rates and increase with the opening of schools. “This is a great opportunity for both sector and buyers”.

In this process, where real estate sales are increasing, the fair is a great opportunity to announce its projects to larger audiences. Drawing attention to the importance of customer satisfaction, Avcı said: “We make 60 percent of our sales through satisfied customers. In this fair, we met with a wide audience who came to the satisfaction. ” As a company born and raised in İzmir, Avcı said that they owe much to İzmir and said, “This fair is our duty to be here. We know Izmir, we want the best for them. Therefore, we take care to make the right location and pricing at the right time. The intense interest in our booth is an indication that we are doing the right job..

Stating that they would like to encourage people who want to have housing, Avcı said that they made a special ara 15 percent discount in addition to 15 percent discount boyunca during the fair. Avcı said, la You can earn from you in one day with your money standing in the bank as a house owner ”. Avcılar, "Caddebostan Project" also 15 percent of customers + 20 percent of the discounted price on 30 percent of the loan after the interest of 0.99 for the rest of the loan can be recalled.

Avcı emphasized that his projects are entirely directed towards İzmir and said, “İzmir is a modern city and we meet their demands with modern buildings. While everyone is trying to do in Izmir, why should we go elsewhere? ” Avcı then stated that they had three new projects: “We are working on a project in Gaziemir consisting of a bazaar, office and residence. In this process, we could not remain indifferent to the demands from Çeşme. We will have two new projects, one in Aya Yorgi and the other in Paşaliman ”.

Source: Economy Izmir

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