Avcılar Global

Avcılar Construction was established by Hikmet Avci in 1989 with the vision of ''the architect of modernism'' in İzmir, Turkey's most modern city. Design oriented offices and residential buildings inspired and built by the company's superb experience and continuous success receives well-deserved interest from abroad.

The first priority of Avcılar Construction which offers unique opportunities among foreign clients through Avcılar Global platform is always to maintain unrivaled customer satisfaction. The company, which has successfully brought luxury and comfort together has redefined luxury with its signature design and architecture has won many prestigious awards.

Applying the latest technology while being fully committed to the environment and humankind, Avcılar Construction has been building luxury, cozy and earthquake proof buildings with high returns on investment reaching up to 200%.

The company always chooses the best locations to build the best residential units, office buildings and shopping centres. From its employees to solution partners, it continuously follows a sustainable business approach and presents innovative technologies to its customers. It is a pioneer not a follower of innovative technologies.

Avcılar Construction makes a difference in the delivery process of its projects. The company makes its business plans to deliver projects earlier than the projected time. It has successfully delivered the projects it has carried out so far up to 6 months earlier. This commitment is one of the most important factors adding value to both its investor and the investment. ​