Despite the high-cost problems experienced in the construction sector, based on the sustainability of the mobility and motivation of the sector in the pandemic process, which is effective worldwide, Avcılar Construction delivered its new project Avcılar Exclusive Bayraklı 9 months earlier than planned.

Avcılar construction completed the Office section of Avcılar exclusive Bayraklı 9 months ago, a project that brings luxury and modernism to life in horizontal architecture. The housing division will be delivered to its investors a year earlier than planned. Avcılar exclusive Bayraklı, located in the heart of Bayraklı, Izmir's new business centre, was designed as residential-office-shopping centres. The construction of the project, which was noted for its horizontal architecture, did not stop despite rising costs and the negativity brought about by the pandemic. On the contrary, the work was accelerated. The project's "Business" concept, which includes 26 commercial areas and 156 independent sections, was completed 9 months earlier than planned.

In the context of the pandemic conditions, in Avcılar exclusive Bayraklı, investors received their keys at a ceremony. Avcılar Construction chairman Idris Avcı stated that Izmir is a very special city and said, “We have always felt special because we live in Izmir. Our goal is to make our Investor feel special. For this purpose, we gave great importance to Avcılar exclusive Bayraklı, where all the work and Life Comfort is provided."

Investor won 300 per cent construction costs increased by 145 per cent pointing out that Idris Avci, also in an environment that negatively affects the whole world, such as the pandemic, we have taken all the measures that will protect our Investor. We have accelerated our construction and are happy to complete our Project 9 months before the planned delivery date. In addition to all this, the investments of those who use their preference in favour of Avcılar also increased by 300 per cent," he said.

The second record comes as construction work continues on the "Home" concept, which includes 103 independent sections covering the residential section of Avcılar Exclusive Bayraklı. Avcılar construction will set a new record here. Construction will be completed a year earlier than planned.

The opinions of those who received their keys are as follows: Osman Can Nazlıgil: "We knew the speed of Avcılar Inşaat from its previous projects. So the early delivery came as no surprise to us. As soon as I entered our office, I also saw the quality of the workmanship"

Aslıhan Karataş: "The early delivery was great. We are excited to continue our work in our new office”

Hüseyin Soner Coruk: "When you look at a project, you always think, ‘Does It start and end? 'the thought is coming. The Avcılar never made us think about it. Luckily, we're safe”

Ercan Canımoğlu : "It is really valuable for us to make the delivery of Avcılar prematurely at such a time when even projects cannot be completed, let alone delivered. As soon as the project was delivered, we rented it immediately"

Zafer Candoğan : "We saw this project as its foundation was laid, and when we examined it, everything seemed very original to us. The location is also very special. We are happy about early delivery, thanks”