Hurry up for Lobi Parlas Residence!

Means of transportations vary each day with the effect of increasing population and expanding provincial borders and these factors affect the investment value of the dwellings. People considering to buy a dwelling take into account new criteria such as the location, distance to places such as schools and hospitals and closed parking lot, social facilities and security.

Avcılar Construction meets all these criteria looked for buying a dwelling in Izmir Bornova with Lobi Parlas Residence.
Lobi Parlas draws attention with its location in Bornova - Bayraklı region, which leads new investments and will be the symbol of the city. Lobi Parlas is only 3 minutes away from Bayraklı Manhattan skyscraper zone and Izmir Courthouse, 1 minute from Yaşar University, Ege University, Bahçeşehir College, Işıkkent Education Campus, İzmir College and Şifa Hospital, 2 minutes from Forum Bornova, Baumax, Ikea ve Park Bornova, which are visited by 5 millions of people in a month, 50 meters from Ankara Avenue, Çeşme and Çanakkale highway connection, which is the busiest line of Izmir with 25.000 vehicles a day.

Lobi Parlas offers high rental income to its investor with all these advantages.

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