As Avcılar, we have been bringing together solutions that will improve the lives of past and future individuals since 1989, and we continue to participate in important projects that ensure the growth of society and the Turkish economy. As far as 32. years, we continue to adopt the motto “big projects require great experience” by blending the experiences we have gained with the giant projects that we have built up to our year with new information.

The success and experience we gain in each project in which we build new living spaces are the building blocks that allow us to do better in our next project. As Avcılar, we continue to move forward with our goal of creating sustainable environments by using the right knowledge, resources and technologies in all the projects we have done so far and will make to leave a mark on the future.

Today, as one of the leading and innovative construction companies in Turkey, we are taking our steps with the elements of “supporting life” and “reaching further” in all the projects we have built. With our giant projects that change the face of Izmir, we continue our journey of success to always build better and create a beautiful “future” for everyone.

Our essence comes from the values we believe in. Combining these values with our stakeholders, employees and customers is our most important goal.

About Us

As the Avcılar family, we continue to realize dreams in the most valuable regions of Izmir by adopting the philosophies of continuous development and modernism in our activities since 1989. Since our establishment, we aim to achieve the best by adapting to innovations. We are among the best in the sector with our knowledge and experience gained in the construction sector since yesterday and we determine the trends. With our 32-year experience, our primary goal is the satisfaction of our customers.

We offer our customers not only a house built with a good and solid structure but also areas where they can live a quality and valuable life and profitable investment opportunities. Today, we manage to include not only domestic investors but also thousands of investors from abroad in our projects. Finally, we say that the experience that comes with our 32 years history is trust. Every family that lives with peace of mind in their happy home in peace. Our architecture, which we become more and more different each time, is modern. Trust the Avcılar, find peace in the Avcilar. Avcılar Are The Architect Of Modernism!

Our Understanding Of Customer Satisfaction

As Avcılar, we strive to understand the needs of our customers and meet their expectations, regardless of the size and difficulty of our projects. At this point, we develop special solutions for them in cooperation with our customers. We ensure timely delivery for our projects, quality work, the highest level of security and optimum use of the best experts and resources for sustainable results. For us, customer satisfaction is always the priority.

Openness To Innovation

We approach all kinds of innovations with an open mind. We use developing technology as a driving force that will constantly take our projects forward. With this in mind, we invest heavily to improve our projects, business processes and employees.

Excellent Business Sense

Since the day we were founded, we work to achieve the highest performance and success in every project we build. Our goal is to always go forward in the construction sector and compete with our major competitors in both the national and international markets.


We act with the awareness that we are responsible to the environment and human beings in all our activities. At every stage of our projects, we attach great importance to job security. The safety of every living being involved in or affected by our activities is of great importance to us. Modernism is everything to us! We develop sustainable solutions to modernize traditional construction methods and practices and reduce negative impacts on human and the environment.

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